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The pandemic has accelerated the need for technological transformation. Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges and are in great demand for groundbreaking solutions to advance production and mitigate risks in the volatile market.

Advanced manufacturing technologies are grabbing the attention of manufacturing leaders as it offers an intelligent, more streamlined supply chain process, providing better visibility and predictive capability. In the info session held, our partners exchanged their views on key challenges, market opportunities, and their considerations of technology adoption.

From Left to Right: Mr Ken Wong (Richmond Healthgear Co Ltd), Mr Michael Yeung (Master Hero Holdings Limited), Mr Dave Yan (Hung Hing Printing Co., Ltd.), Mr Henry Fong (HKSTP)

“The pandemic forced regions to enter isolation, we need flexible production lines, and AI to help us make responsive decisions." - Ken Wong, Richmond Healthgear Co Ltd

“Low volume production is proliferating therefore we are eagerly looking for automation and digital solutions to overcome the bottleneck.” - Dave Yan, Hung Hing Printing Co., Ltd.

“Our clients demand for visibility of end-to-end supply chains, so we need technology to improve our traceability of products.” - Michael Yeung, Master Hero Holdings Limited

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